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Fender '52 Telecaster Reissue For Sale for £1000.00

 1891 For Sale for £1000.00 as stated.
User pottolom Category Electric Guitars
Manufacturer Fender Location Northumbria
Model '52 Telecaster Reissue Viewed 134 times
Date Listed 17-Feb-2017 Price £1000.00 as stated
This is one of the newer, post 2012 Fender US 52 reissue Telecasters (a 2016 according to the serial number).It's lovely, a nice weight (I think just over 7 and a half pounds when I weighed it), quite lively and resonant and sounds fantastic.The finish on these is *incredibly* thin, and as shown in the photos I've managed to put a couple of chips in it. I couldn't work out how the one on the back happened, the front one was caused by a very light bump on a wooden chair (!). There are also a few scratches on the back that won't show up in the photos, and a few other small marks here and there. I've only played it at home, and only occasionally; it has genuinely never been gigged and shows virtually no fret wear.It comes with its original hard shell case and all the case candy.I'm not playing guitar much these days and would like to free up some cash for other things, so I'd like to either:- Sell the guitar for £1000 cash, or;- Part-ex for something cheaper with cash my way (I'd need at least £500, so something with a part-ex value of £500 or less). Guitars I'd consider are cheaper vintage reissue or Baja Teles, maybe a nice Jazzmaster, perhaps a Gibson ES335 type guitar of some sort (I'm keen on the Japanese Tokai copies). Certainly nothing pointy or heavy-metal-ish, and I'm not a big fan of Les Pauls, Strats or SGs.I'm just outside Newcastle upon Tyne and could meet somewhere within a reasonable distance. Alternatively, I have couriered instruments in the past without issue.