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Hughes & Kettner Triamp MK3 Head For Sale for £1750.00

 14638 For Sale for £1750.00 or nearest offer.
User PeteHarris58 Category Amps/Combos
Manufacturer Hughes & Kettner Location Nottinghamshire
Model Triamp MK3 Head Viewed 1518 times
Date Listed 14-Mar-2017 Price £1750.00 or nearest offer
Up for sale here is a new Hughes & Kettner Triamp MK 3 head. It has only been removed from the box for testing and had about an hours use, it works perfectly. 

There's so much to say about the Triamp but it is a 6 channel amp with the channels basically being clean fenderesque, Vox AC30 (the sweetest channel in my opinion), Marshall plexi, Hot-rodded Marshall plexi (brown sound), and the 2 hi gain channels I'd say are similar to Soldano or Boogie MK series. I've owned all of the previous Triamp marks and they are fabulously built and extremely reliable. They are also incredibly versatile with 6 amps/channels each with their own EQ section. Everything on this amp is footswitchable and it remembers your settings for each channel (not eq though). It also has a built in midi module, red box DI out for recording, a noise gate and a brightness switch for the super cool interior lighting. The colours can be changed via midi if you desire. You can mix the 6 power valves to have one set of 6L6 and one set of EL34 running or if you're feeling brave run all 3 pairs for 150 watts or just one set for 50 watts! The amp comes with 4 6l6 and 2 EL34 valves (or tubes if you're from across the pond!). giving a ridiculous amount of sonic choices just in the power stage. There is also a programmable series/parallel effects loop.The bells and whistles are all very well but if it doesn't sound any good then what's the point? In the short time I've had with this amp I've been blown away with the available tones even at low volume. The mk 3 is definitely more organic and soulful sounding than the previous versions and they were fantastic sounding amps as well. I Tried a delay and reverb in the effects loop and found the loop to be super transparent. It did not suck any of the tone from the original signal. I could go on forever with Triamp MK3 superlatives bit I have to stop somewhere : ).

Included with the amp is everything including the original box. There is a cover, footswitch unit, footswitch lead, mains lead, cleaning kit, spare fuse and manual.Check out the H&K website here for more technical details:- 

YouTube has some epic vids of the Triamp MK 3 in action, here's a couple of my favourites:- 

I'm selling this amp because after months of trying to organise a live prog rock project it never came to fruition. I'll now be concentrating more on the recording side of things. I wish I could keep the amp but it won't get used now and I need the space and money for recording kit. 

I'm happy to try and answer any questions. You can contact me on 07756 536586. This is a heavy item so collection only please. I can deliver for free up to 50 miles from Newark. 

 These are around £2600 new.