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Budda Superdrive II 30 1x12 Combo For Sale for £929.00

 14906 For Sale for £929.00 as stated.
User sussexbargains Category Amps/Combos
Manufacturer Budda Location Sussex
Model Superdrive II 30 1x12 Combo Viewed 372 times
Date Listed 06-Sep-2017 Price £929.00 as stated
Budda Superdrive 30 Series II 1x12 Combo Guitar Amplifier with Lead, Cable, Footswitch, Powertap, Volume Control, Cables, Power Surge Adaptor and Coverslip. SUPER DUPER BOUTIQUE AMP!!! This awesome hand built point to point boutique amplifier is known among the pros as a monster of tones. It is often found as part if the Arsenal in top studios as well as amongst collections of many professional players. It does everything; clean to jazz to to metal and everything in between.This is unplayed and in pristine condition with the original tubes. It sounds awesome; watch the many demos on YouTube and read glorifying reviews on the web!This amp came without the original box (but in a flight case). Please Note: The amp is for cash on collection only.Product Description:The Preamp section was designed by the legendary Dave Friedman from Friedman Amplifiers and the Poweramp by Geoff Bobber. It has amazing sounds of its own - Really room-filling, lush, deep and chimy. It is a very loud beast (easily controlled and managed) with massive headroom. It takes pedals like a dream. The reviews on the Superdrive Series are growing and this one has a massive headroom, taking pedals like a dream. It is in immaculate condition with original, brand new tubes and I am throwing in the incredible powertap volume control, which acts as an attenuator so you can get the full sound of the power tubes cranked, even when in the bedroom. This is a legendary amp for real pro's; it is extremely articulate and full of nuances. HERE IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO BUY A WELL OVER £2000 POUND AMP for less than £1000.00 COMES WITH (USED) SLEEP COVER + DEDICATED FLIGHT CASE + POWER LEAD + FOOTSWITCH + MORE!! SOUNDS AMAZING!!! THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST HAND MADE POINT TO POINT BOUTIQUE AMPS. PERIOD! (READ THE REVIEWS AND SEE & HEAR THE CLIPS).The aggressive bite and complex overtones of the 4 X EL84 tubes help make the Superdrive 30 an expressive beast; very sensitive to touch and pick attack with deep bass, punchy mids and a top end that slices through the mix. 3 X 12AX7 high-grade pre-amp tubes. Hand-wired power amp. Class AB. Rhythm and Hi Gain channels. Treble, mid and bass controls. Pull "Modern" Mid function. Pull "Brite" on Rhythm volume. Drive control. Selectable tube and rectifier, Effects loop, Slave out, Footswitch.This amp has never been gigged and only been tested a few times.Comes with kettle mains lead and footswitch, but does not include original box.The manual is available online on the Budda website.Please contact me if you require any further information or more pictures of this amp.Features & Specifications:

  • 4 x EL84

  • 3 x 12AX7

  • Custom-wound transformer with 4/8/16 ohm switch

  • Multiple speaker outputs 4 - 8 - 16 OHM

  • 1 x 12" custom-designed Budda Phat loudspeaker (AT 8 Ohm)

  • Exclusive Dual Class, Hot Bias preamp

  • Rhythm and Drive Level controls (dual channel)

  • Brite control

  • 3 band EQ

  • Pull Mid knob for "Modern" mid scoop

  • Effects Loop

  • Slave output with level control in parallel with power section

  • Point to Point hand wired power section
Comes with the Lead, Cable, Footswitch, Powertap, Volume Control, Cables, Power Surge Adaptor and Coverslip (as seen in the pictures).I also have the Superdrive II 2 x 12 model. Please contact me if you are interested.