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Fender style Hand built custom For Sale for £243.00

 13183 For Sale for £243.00 as stated.
User Mark D Phillips Category Electric Guitars
Manufacturer Fender style Location Sussex
Model Hand built custom Viewed 1193 times
Date Listed 29-Sep-2017 Price £243.00 as stated
Telestrat "wide-neck" by Gear4music & PCGC

P&P £18.50

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  A guitar with a long Fender scale and a good mix of humbucker and single coil pickups giving you everything from heavy metal to country tones. A wide spacious neck width that will suit big working hands;
 you have 48mm nut width and I cut the nut to give you 9mm bottom E to A, then 8.5mm A to D, and 8mm, 7.5mm and 7mm... this both maintains the space between fatter strings, and those are also the strings your fingers reach further to meaning it's not the narrow finger tip that lands between the strings. 
The other vital aspect of the nut is to send the strings across the first fret with about half a millimeter of fret clearance, and with that you find you can hold barre chords like F major and F sharp minor without getting cramp in the palm of your hand. I mentioned this guitar has something of that RG style about it? Well it is ideal for thrash and metal with it's powerful bridge humbucker; equally though, you can flick to the tele pup at the neck and get full fruity classic rock tones like a vintage strat... and the two in unison is another sound again! The tele pickup at the neck is complimented by a re carved head to give an authentic tele shape... and I fanned the six tuners for easy operation and different aesthetics. My initial set up of the truss rod and bridge and first cut of the nut grooves has given a fast easy long scale guitar with generous string spacing for large working hands, or the extra clumsy fingers of an enthusiastic learner. I think you will find things so much easier with a guitar like this, if you have been finding a standard narrow neck cramps your style and creativity. 
 Thanks, Mark D Phillips....... (Phillips Cleartone Guitar Conversions)