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Harley Benton Resonator Les Paul style For Sale for £219.00

 14954 For Sale for £219.00 as stated.
User Mark D Phillips Category Electric Guitars
Manufacturer Harley Benton Location Sussex
Model Resonator Les Paul style Viewed 793 times
Date Listed 01-Oct-2017 Price £219.00 as stated
Questions etc email: mdphillips1856@yahoo.comHarley Benton semi acoustic Les Paul shaped resonator  Postage and packing: £18.50  With a conventional neck magnetic pickup and bridge Piezzo pickup. I have been looking out for one of these for the shop for a long time... to get that resonator metalic tone from a guitar that feels and plays like a good Les Paul. The bridge is below that shiny cover and is fixed with no height adjustment built into it; so adjusting the action beyond truss rod and nut cutting, means carefully filing string grooves deeper in the bridge saddle, and it's quite a fiddle below the bridge cover. But the truss rod gave much of the string lowering I was after, and the string grooves in the nut are now three times deeper than they were when I got it so that brings the neck action down as well. I would say it now feels like a good Les Paul to play; you can bend notes like any electric... except right now it has a wound G string not plain steel one, and as you might know it is hard to bend the wound string up a whole tone, just settle for a semi-tone... but the high E and B strings bend like any electric. If you buy and ask me, I can change the G to a plain steel before I pack and post. The knobs you see are both volumes for the chrome ones; the forward one being the neck pup and the rear one the bridge Piezzo unit, while the small rear knob is a tone control common to both pickups... for what it's worth I favour both pickups together giving a mix of Piezzo resonator tone and conventional pickup power. I think this could make quite an interesting guitar for normal band use. Thanks for checking it over, Mark D Phillips....... (Phillips Cleartone Guitar Conversions)