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Jackson RR1 For Sale for £1500.00

 2581 For Sale for £1500.00 as stated.
User MikeAuricom1 Category Electric Guitars
Manufacturer Jackson Location Lancs
Model RR1 Viewed 263 times
Date Listed 27-Jun-2018 Price £1500.00 as stated
Well i never thought i'd do this, but here we go! I've decided to sell my much loved Jackon RR1 Randy Rhoads USA Custom Shop, Hotrod Flames finish electric guitar. She's been a case queen from new, which is part of the reason i've decided to sell her. I love this guitar, but the simple fact is i'm to scared to play her, just in case i damage her! Also, I'm letting her go to make room for other hobbies. I'll be sad to see her go, but needs must. I bought her from a collecter who owned her from new and also treated her as a case queen. I'm not going to into all of the specs of the RR1, bcause if you're looking at this, you know what you are buying. All of the specs can easily be found online if you need to know anything. So, i'll restrict my comments to the particulars of this guitar. Serial number is U10878 - this confirms that this is an early 2002 guitar, completed in Feb/March at the Jackson Ontario factory custom shop, California, USA. The Hotrod flames was a 'customer order' finish, as opposed to a standard colour - much like the Eerie Des and Ghost Flames finishes. That being said, this is a 'standard' custom finish, so it's not unique to this guitar. Jackson haven't produced this finish as an 'option' for at least seven years, but likely to be longer. So, you can't buy these any more. Perhaps unusually for a Rhoads, the body/neck are in perfect condition. No chipped points anywhere, no buckle rash, no anything, just a perfect factory finish. Likewise, the ebony fretboard shows no sign of wear. The frets themselves also don't really show any signs of wear. They are however, in need of a polish (Autosol is best), which just goes to show that it's been a long while since i last played her. The first thing i did with this guitar after purchase was polish the frets, as they were tarnished from not being used, and fitted a new set of Ernie Ball Paradigms 009 - 0.42. I played the guitar for perhaps 5 mins, then put it back in it's case. Some months later i played it again for perhps 10 mins. and decided to change the pickups and electrics at a cost of £300. It's now running custom Bare Knuckle Nailbombs, which sound incredible. The bridge Nailbomb is Alnico V, and the neck Nailbomb Ceramic. Bare Knuckle 500K Pots and Capacitor were also fitted. It seemed silly not to upgrade all of the electrics, given that the pickups were being changed. The result? It transformed the sound completely! This guitar has to be heard to be believed. It wipes the floor with stock Seymour Duncan pickups. It's as heavy as hell, but with a ringing clarity i've yet to hear anywhere. The bridge pickup growls like a rabid dog. The neck pickup chimes like you wouldn't believe with the tone rolled off somewhat. The overall sound is as balanced as it gets. The guitar comes with the original Jackson hard shell case, whih is in very good used condition. There are a few light scuffs, nothing else. I will give the buyer a copy of the Bare Knuckle receipt because the pickups have a lifetime warranty under normal use. If i had to fault the guitar its as follows: The trem arm finish is bubbling in a few places, a sure sign of unplayed age living in a case. I'm happy to pay for a new one.The trem unit finish is a little bumpy on a couple of the saddles. Again a sign of unplayed age living in a case. Both strap buttons finish are showing same signs of age living in a case.The jack socket has a few minor marks, but nothing significant. Overall i would describe this guitar as A+ condition, given that it's over 15 years old! It's remarkable to find a 15 year old rock/metal guitar in such fantastic condition. Most Rhoads suffer from chipped points and buckle rash. Not so in this case. Cheapest current UK price for a black (boring standard finish) USA RR1 Select is £2888.00 - special offer, reduced from £3009.00. ($4009.00). I don't know what the original retail for this was, but i can guarantee it cost a fair chunk more than £3009.00, given that is has the hotrod flames finish. I would estimate £3750.00 ish? But don't quote me on that! This doesn't take into account the £300.00 (£400.00). BK electrics.I can't think of anything else to tell you about this guitar. It is what it is. An ultimate, top quality heavy metal/rock guitar, made by one of the best guitar manufacturers on the planet. I can guarantee that whomever buys the guitar will fall in love with it - i certainly did! I've no idea how much shipping will be until i know where it's being shipped to, so we'll have to agree that. Obviously the guitar will be shipped by a reputible courier, and will be fully insured to the sale value. Any questions please ask. No trem kickers. No silly offers!