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Fender 25th Anniversary Stratocaster For Sale for £2400.00

 11626 For Sale for £2400.00 or nearest offer.
User Keith Stringer Category Electric Guitars
Manufacturer Fender Location Birmingham
Model 25th Anniversary Stratocaster Viewed 881 times
Date Listed 11-May-2019 Price £2400.00 or nearest offer
Fender 2005 USA Custom Shop Limited Edition 56 Stratocaster Light RelicExtremely rare guitar in a beautiful and extremely rare colour (desert sand). Specially made by the custom shop for the NAMM show in 2005 to late 1956 spec (i.e. with a 1957 soft V neck). Only light relicing instead of the stupidly over the top (and very unrealistic if you've seen a few old guitars) relic jobs that Fender are churning out now - guitars with bodies that look that they've been gnawed by hungry rats! This is just subtle ageing with a few chips here and there and a touch of wear to the neck.Anyway, not only is it rare it also sounds better than any other Stratocaster I've ever heard, played or owned, which is why I've had it for over a decade and kept it even when I stopped playing guitar, just in case I wanted to start again - I knew I'd struggle to find another. Bring any strat you like for a back to back test - this will blow it away. It's possibly just the luck of the draw - the right pieces of wood with the right electronics, but this thing absolutely sings. I've had other custom shop strats of the same spec that didn't sound anywhere near as good.The neck is a soft V, neither chunky nor slim, just right. Frets are unmarked. The body is very light alder which undoubtedly contributes to its fabulous tone, which has a touch of swamp ash about it with thumping bass and airy highs. Combined with the normal alder midrange punch it makes for an impressive, full frequency response.Comes with the original Limited Edition case and all candy.