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Fender Classic '50s Telecaster For Sale for £0.00

 6309 For Sale for £0.00 see text.
User mrjadams89@gmai Category Electric Guitars
Manufacturer Fender Location Shropshire
Model Classic '50s Telecaster Viewed 940 times
Date Listed 28-Jul-2019 Price £0.00 see text
Fender Strat (Daphne Blue) Serial No: MZ6139554 Fender website description: "Classic Series '50s Stratocaster" Modifications: Seymour Duncan JB Model Humbucker Also includes: the original pickup, all original volume/tone knobs, original whammy bar, all paperwork Details: A faithful recreation of Billie Joe Armstrongs' (Green Day) guitar - "Blue". I made this myself in my teens over countless hours! Although some websites sell recreations of "Blue", they are often very cheap / clean looking and completely lack the attention-to-detail this was given. The real "Blue" is a knock-off (i.e. non-Fender) 50s Strat - but this is an official Fender Strat as I wanted to ensure the best sound quality. The standard bridge pickup has been (professionally) replaced with a Seymour Duncan JB Model Humbucker, much like the guitar it is modelled after (though the original, perfect condition pickup is also provided). Despite its road-worn and roughed-up appearance, this guitar has never been played outside the house, and is in fantastic condition. Being a somewhat niche item, I've considered completely cleaning it of its decorations and returning it to it's pristine state - but it would be a real shame to do that, as right now it would make any Green Day fan very happy!