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Brook Acoustic bass For Sale for £1800.00

 15719 For Sale for £1800.00 offers invited.
User Robbiej Category Bass Guitars
Manufacturer Brook Location Hants
Model Acoustic bass Viewed 573 times
Date Listed 25-Feb-2020 Price £1800.00 offers invited

For sale is this beautiful Brook acoustic bass, fully customised and in superb condition.  Brook are a three man team of luthiers in Devon who build about 100 acoustic guitars each year.  All their guitars are named after rivers in the South West.  They have always had an acoustic bass in their catalogue, usually called the “Otter”.  However, when I commissioned this one they had just had a mould built for a Gibson J200 shape, and so I got them to use that for the body.  This means that it’s much larger than their normal Otter shape (which is basically the same shape as their Tavy model) and in trying to come up with a name for this bass we arrived at “Lowman”.  

Brook are good friends of mine, and I have had about 6 instruments from them over the years.  They added some extra little details on this bass, and really pulled out all the stops.

The specs:Top:  Engleman spruce, with subtle bearclaw markings (this is an upgrade on their usual grade of tops)Back and Sides: highly figured BubingaNeck: walnut with a laminate strip of bubingaTuners: hip shot ultraliteFingerboard, bridge, faceplate: EbonyNut and saddle: black stained boneFaceplate: Celtic trelisk abalone inlayBinding and rosette: fine black and red striped woodPickup: Headway under saddle piezoCase: Gator semi rigid case (very lightweight).Scale length: 34”Nut width: same as a precisionStrings: la Bella 760n tape wound bronze, heavy gauge

Just to explain the strange look of the nut- the nut is bone that has been strained black.  Unfortunately when Brook did it the stain didn’t take in a couple of places.  Si, my fiend and chief honcho at Brook was most apologetic, but as he is vegetarian I didn’t want them to waste a perfectly good piece of cow bone just because of its looks!  As I say further down, I am thinking of having the bass reset up for standard gauge phosphor bronze strings, probably Elixirs or GHS pressure wound bronze.  If the buyer was interested in this I would have a new nut and saddle made in white bone, and then keep the black set in case anyone wants to use the (much) wider tape wound strings currently on it.  Personally I find them too big (my little finger in particular slips off frequently, part of the reason I have not rebonded with the instrument I think).

I have only just got this back, after a previous sale turned out a bit weird. I am now selling this rather than keeping it, mainly for the following reasons:

* firstly, I’m mainly an acoustic guitarist and I’m just very out of practice and lacking in time to be able to give this the attention it deserves. After lying unplayed for 2 years it needs someone to love it as it should* I am struggling with the scale length and would find 32” to be more comfortable*there are sad memories associated with this bass around its commission and eventual selling on- it’s time to lay some ghosts to rest and move on

It was my intention to keep this when I got it back, but with my inability to bond with it again means that I would prefer to just sell it to someone who would actually play it and pay him at once.

I am looking for £1800.  2nd hand Brooks are usually around this sort of figure, and please bear in mind all of the additional upgrades, from the bearclaw top, to the extra figured exotic back and side, to the laminate walnut neck to the Celtic inlay.

Please bear in mind the following though if you want to give me a cheeky offer- the current price of a standard Otter on the Brook website is £2700.  Mine is heavily customised- the upgrades are as followings:

Headway pickup - £150

AAAA grade Engelmann spruce top- £100 extra

highly figures bubinga - £100 extra

red and black custom perfling and rosette - £75 extra

Celtic trelisk inlay- £75

walnut 5 piece neck £100 extra

So well over £3k to buy now!!  Having said that, I do genuinely want it to go to someone who would love it and play it (not to just hang on a wall) and if that person is you, then yes, please offer what you can genuinely afford or what you feel it is worth!!

I would prefer not to have to ship.  The case is huge!  It would not be impossible but all shipping and insurance expanses must be met by the buyer.  I am more than happy to travel about 40 miles or so by train for any hand over.

The sound is huge!  I can supply some videos of me playing it if required.

Thank you for reading and looking.