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Buying Guitars

If you are looking to buy a guitar simply either choose your search criteria and view results or use the menu options to find what you are looking for (i.e. Electric Guitars > Gibson > All SGs). Once you have found what you are looking for click the thumbnail picture to show the entire advert with all the images the user has uploaded. If it looks like what you want or you would like further information then use the email form and send your message to the seller. Remember the seller will need your email address to reply, so this field is mandatory. See also the Buying Tips section

Buying Tips

If you already know what you are looking for select the appropriate Manufacturer, Model, Price and Region from the drop down lists and press enter to search our database.

Once you have identified an item of interest simply fill out the email form and click "Send Message" to contact the seller.

GuitarMart, the sMart way to buy and sell gear.

Rule 1
Make sure you get all the information about the guitar you are proposing to buy before agreeing to purchase it.

Rule 2
Make sure you have all the contact details you need from the person selling and that you sort out payment procedures and receipt of goods prior to parting with your money. If you have the option of paying via a PayPal or WorldPay account this will provide you with some protection if the goods you receive are not as advertised, or faulty in some respect. You may have to pay a transaction fee and delivery, so allow for it in your budget.

Rule 3
If the seller is within easy travelling distance go and see what you are buying and trial it first.

Rule 4
If you can't view and trial the goods first, make sure you examine the item carefully on receipt and check it works properly. If you encounter a problem or fault, contact the seller and arrange to return the goods. If you paid via debit, or credit card, notify the merchants/bank immediately.

Rule 5
Make sure you know what is included in the price. Check whether objects also in the photo are included. For Example, is the hard case the Guitar is resting in included in the price?

Rule 6
Research your proposed purchase. Check out the average selling price for the model you are buying. If it is above average price ask why?

Selling Guitars

If you are selling a guitar click either the 'Advertise' button or the 'Register' link and register your details as either a private seller, or guitar retailer. Once you have submitted your details you can start to create advertisements - when we activate your profile you will be able to log in and edit, renew and delete your current adverts as well as create additional listings. Private sellers can advertise for free. We reserve the right to edit advetisements, or suspend and delete them if necessary. It is strictly prohibited to place any image or text of an offensive or salacious manner. See also the Selling Tips section.

Retailers advertising at this site may also advertise for free as well as create a shop profile giving a picture and details about their business. For more information see the 'Business User Info' section.

Selling Tips

Step 1. Create a User profile
This contains your exclusive User name and Password that puts you in control of submitting, updating and removing your advertisement(s). Your User profile also contains details necessary for buyers to contact you - such as an email address.

Step 2. Create your advertisement.
Select the appropriate product category, manufacturer and model from the lists on the "New Advert" page. These help organise advertisements in our database and assist buyers in running efficient searches. If you have recent pictures of the item you can add unlimited images to your advert. Remember: Its proven that having a good range of images of a product helps it sell better than those without! Enter as much text as you like in the formatable text area remembering to add details such as colour, types of pickup, condition, age, any included extras and usage. Finally enter your asking price and submit your ad. Most advertisements will be published by our moderators within 6 hours.

Rule 1
Before you compose your advertisement put yourself in the place of someone looking to buy a guitar - ask yourself 'What information would I want if I was going to buy this guitar?'

Rule 2
Are there any special features that make your guitar a better buy, or just simply more attractive to a buyer? Have you upgraded the pick-ups, or does it have a unique finish for example?

Rule 3
Be realistic. Research the price you are asking for it. Do similar models appear around the same price? If you are asking for an above average price, explain why?

Rule 4
Expain exactly what you are including in the price. For example, if the guitar has a hard case, is that included in the price or are you asking extra for it?

Rule 5
Take a few good photographs of your item. A picture says a thousand words and a good few photos can actually sell the guitar a lot easier than the description. Always save as a jpeg, gif or png file.

Rule 6
Make sure you have all the contact details you need from the person buying and that you sort out payment prior to parting with your precious merchandise. Perhaps open a PayPal, or WorldPay account and get payment by credit, or debit card. There will be a transaction fee, so allow for it in the price you are asking , or make it clear that the buyer has to pay this and any delivery as extra.

Promotions & Mailings

When you subscribe as a seller, or reply as a buyer to an advertisement you agree to accept occasional mailings from us regarding promotions, competitions and new product release info. These may be sponsored by a manufacturer, or some other commercial organisation and may contain information about their products and services. You can unsubscribe from these mailings either by clicking the 'Unsubscribe' link on any mailings you receive.

We do not sell our mailing lists or pass on your details to any third party company or advertiser. See our Privacy Policy section for more details.

Business User Info

GuitarMart has been designed by Guitarists for Guitarists and our service is completely FREE to private advertisers, trade advertisers and buyers.

GuitarMart offers the same service to business users!

Remember, people use the web to find BARGAINS - in the few months this site has been live we've found that those retailers that price their gear keenly DO SELL, those that charge uncompetitive or normal shop prices don't unless the guitar is a limited edition.

GuitarMart also offers:

  • links to business user's own websites under our "Useful Links" tab.
  • promotion of business user's on GuitarMart
  • promotion of business users in GuitarMart's eZine publications

You can promote your establishment a number of ways at GuitarMart. You can just place ads. You can include a shop profile giving more information about your business. You can place hyperlinks to your own web site. And you can do joint promotions with GuitarMart to its registered users.

You cannot place general banner ads for your establishment, since banner advertising is subject to an additional charge. Details on application.

For information about banner ads and marketing campaigns using this site contact us at admin[at] or use our online Contact Form.